The automobile industry in Malaysia has tremendously boomed over the past few years. Many technological breakthroughs have emerged to complement the ever-challenging needs of the market. As the need for refinement arises, manufacturers become more discreet in selecting the right source to back them as they prepare to face the market. They require associates that meet requirements and at the same time supercede consumer demands. They need support that churns quality products and services. And above all, they need a source that grows with the pace of the industry.

Lokco Polymer Industries Sdn Bhd is incorporated as a Manufacturer distributors and Exporter of Automotive rubber products for heavy, 4 wheel drivers (4X4) Commercial and passenger cars. We produce parts mainly for Japanese vehicles models.

Lokco has also successfully managed to penetrate the overseas market. To date, LOKCO's products are distributed to over 21 countries worldwide and the list continues to grow rapidly. In tandem with this, we are in the midst of setting-up a bigger manufacturing plant that will incorporate sophisticated equipment and system. From here, we will be able to boost our production, while at the same time maintain quality and competitiveness.

Mission Statement

To promote quality automobile parts and provide value-added services that exceeds the needs of importers, distributors and projects GLOBALLY.

Vision Statement

To be a leading world-class distributor of automobile parts in the global market.

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